Marketing Operations

Who Is Specialty MED Training?

Practitioners are flocking to learn more about cash-pay regenerative therapies and all the benefits that science provides for their patients and the health of their practice.

To meet the growing need for continuing education and peer-to-peer interaction with support, Specialty MED developed what’s now become the nation’s largest community of like-minded practitioners and industry leaders  – working as a group to advance the science and the business aspects of this new and exciting frontier of medicine.

Where Does TRCH Come In?

Recognizing the surge in demand for specialized cash-pay regenerative therapies, Specialty MED Training has established itself as the largest national community of practitioners and industry leaders. Our role at TRCH was to streamline and enhance their tech stack, primarily focusing on the refinement of their email communication system. This involved a meticulous overhaul of their existing tech-stack to ensure seamless, efficient operations and upgrading their email sending platform for better outreach and engagement with their community of practitioners. Our efforts have significantly contributed to Specialty MED’s ability to provide continuous education and foster a robust peer-to-peer network, reinforcing their position at the forefront of regenerative medicine education.