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Executive Studio Session

Don't Put Q2 At Risk By Repeating Q1 Oversights

Join us for lunch and an insightful, collaborative discussion on aligning your marketing and sales motions for success.

When: April 18, 12 PM ET – 1:30 PM ET
Where: TRCH Office, Boca Raton
Who It’s For: Executives, business owners, VPs, and C-Levels facing sales and marketing challenges (details below).

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What To Expect

The mixed bag of market conditions we’re experiencing now offers some factors that create opportunities and others that present challenges. Investors, operators, and business owners struggle to capture leads ready to buy and see deals stall in the pipeline.

Our latest Executive Studio Session, a casual get-together for executives and business owners, focuses on facing these exact challenges. This is an opportune chance to chat with experienced sales leaders and marketing executives who’ve been there, conquered those obstacles, and can share some battle-tested strategies. Conversations will delve into uncovering hidden buying signals, plugging those pipeline leaks, and ultimately, driving predictable revenue growth. The goal is for all attendees to contribute and discover actionable tactics to implement immediately in their sales and marketing organizations.

Hosted & facilitated by:

Rus Ackner is a Marketing leader with expertise in driving profitable growth. Skilled in crafting strategic plans that deliver exceptional omni-channel customer experiences. Proven ability to develop and execute personalized marketing campaigns across all channels, including transactional e-commerce and B2B lead generation. Experience encompasses branding & corporate identity, direct response marketing, and website design/usability (UX/UI).
Rus now leads a high-performance team after founding TRCH – a global strategic marketing and brand consultancy serving B2B and DTC businesses from startup to enterprise.
Ryan is a noted and recognized SaaS GTM leader with over $100M in sales experience and almost two decades of growing revenue at top tech companies. Ryan founded and sold his consulting firm to Winning by Design, where he led the GTM practice advising fast-growing SaaS startups and enterprise companies globally. His hands-on experience helping business leaders reach sustainable and forecastable revenue goals is highly coveted.
Ryan is now leading the global team at GTMAdvisors as Co-Founder and Managing Partner focused on driving enduring value and resilient revenue solutions for their clients.