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Fractional Marketing
& Operations

The Strategic Link Between Operations x Revenue Growth

Revenue Team Alignment Achieved

There are no prescribed solutions for revenue growth in Marketing and Operations for today’s complex retail, DTC, or B2B organizations. TRCH experts conduct in-depth discovery and a comprehensive understanding of each engagement to develop successful and scalable marketing and operational outcomes.

We assist by capitalizing on the similarities between achieving growth across organizations and hiring temporary revenue growth experts, especially in Marketing and Operations, as fractional services are now more common than ever. TRCH implements a highly adaptable, bespoke strategic operations and growth execution team—a successful and versatile service that works in all verticals. Engagements typically last 4-6 months, and TRCH works closely with existing internal teams to provide strategic insights, leadership, and hands-on tactical support as needed.

Delivered by Marketing and Operations experts at TRCH with at least 20 years of executive experience, including:

  • developing strategic marketing plans
  • implementing revenue or marketing operations architecture
  • quickly exceeding growth objectives in private and public companies
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“Built a Solid Foundation”

TRCH’s guidance with marketing strategy and executive alignment has built a solid foundation that will allow us to scale effectively. They has been influential in defining our brand and positioning over the years as we continue to release revolutionary technology. Plus, Rus is a great human being and fun to work with!

Meg Mason, VP Marketing

Who It’s For:

  • Executives and senior leadership who lack resources or internal expertise
  • Companies experiencing stagnant or slow growth that need to transition or target upmarket segments
  • VC/PE operating partners who need “internal SWAT teams” to provide strategic and tactical marketing & ops support for portfolio companies

What It Provides:

  • Executive alignment focused on proper metrics
  • A unified growth strategy across the entire revenue team
  • A complete marketing plan, foundational to revenue growth objectives
  • Operational expertise integrating and using technology to your advantage
  • Sharp top and middle-of-funnel narratives that win over ICP decision-makers

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