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Marketing, Brand, & Digital Strategies for Impact

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"Torch Delivered"

When it came down to walking the walk – Torch delivered. A 30% quarterly increase in qualified traffic with a direct impact on sales. Plus, an employee morale boost – clearly Torch was a good investment.

Mike Barker, Chief Operating Officer

Website design, messaging, merchandising, lead flow & attribution, displays & visuals, customer flow & profit per square foot optimization, geospatial analysis, & omnichannel experience.

Demand generation, Account Based Marketing, technology infrastructure, pipeline, campaign, & messaging performance.

Technology assessments, MOps support, orchestration between platforms, lead scoring, lead routing, & marketing stack architecture.

Identity design, brand exploration, market positioning and messaging, design, and advertising. Experiences that make an impact.

Fractional CMO services, leadership coaching, organization structure.


"Insights Are Truly Unparalleled"

It was our honor having you. That was probably the most informative and educational advisor session we’ve had as a company. The insights are truly unparalleled.

Ryan Breslow, Founder & Chief Executive Officer


"Consistent Pipeline"

Due to Torch’s expertise and efforts, we have a more thorough and whole understanding of how Marketing can better engage our prospects and drive meaningful revenue. We have baseline conversion metrics and a consistent pipeline from inbound!

Francesca Mayr, Director of Marketing & Engagement

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"Consistent Winning Performance"

Great advice and solid execution on Torch’s part. Consistent winning results allow us to focus on new products and more conservation efforts.

Brett Diaz, Owner

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"An Invaluable Partner"

Torch Group was an invaluable partner to the DadeSystems marketing team… Within 3 months, they helped us execute a new brand identity, build out key marketing automation and operations processes, and establish an executive dashboard that enabled us to report on what mattered most to our leadership team and board.

Andrea Eaton, Chief Marketing Officer

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