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Torch Group was an invaluable partner to the DadeSystems marketing team… Within three months, they helped us execute a new brand identity, build out key marketing automation and operations processes, and establish an executive dashboard that enabled us to report on what mattered most to our leadership team and board.

Andrea Eaton, Chief Marketing Officer

Who Is DadeSystems?

DadeSystems – a leading provider of Cash Application solutions that fully automate the complex payment processing landscape – completed their exit and was acquired by VersaPay.

DadePay is a SaaS based solution that automates the invoice-to-cash application process for any payment through any channel. DadePay Cash Application automatically captures all incoming payments, including cash, checks, ACH, EFT, and credit cards. Using patented algorithms, payments are automatically matched to open invoices which updates your ERP system and electronically deposit checks at financial institutions.

Where Does TRCH Come In?

TRCH played a pivotal role in DadePay’s successful acquisition by VersaPay, acting as a strategic partner that amplified their brand presence, streamlined marketing efforts, and ultimately drove a 30% surge in sales qualified leads.

By crafting a compelling brand narrative that solidified DadePay’s position within the fintech landscape, TRCH’s expertise in marketing optimization came into play. TRCH implemented targeted lead generation campaigns side-by-side with internal teams and refined marketing operations, ensuring efficient lead attribution and maximizing campaign ROI.

Furthermore, TRCH’s collaborative approach fostered executive alignment, resulting in the development of impactful marketing collateral that resonated with DadePay’s ideal customer. This comprehensive approach, encompassing brand building, marketing automation, and lead nurturing, ultimately helped pave the way for DadePay’s successful acquisition by VersaPay, solidifying TRCH’s reputation as a trusted advisor in the fintech M&A space.

Consecutive Quarter Revenue Increase
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