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Great advice and solid execution on Torch’s part. Consistent winning results allow us to focus on new products and more conservation efforts.

B. Diaz

Who Is HOOK360?

HOOK360 is an outdoor and fishing apparel company with a direct focus on providing quality products, sustainably. HOOK360 is a leader in outdoor product sustainability operating with a near zero carbon footprint & supporting causes that align with resource protection and conservation.

Where Does TRCH Come In?

TRCH works with HOOK360 to amplify their environmental ethos and market reach. Our experience in eco-conscious marketing strategies uniquely positions us to promote HOOK360’s commitment to quality and sustainability. With dedicated focus to HOOK360’s direct-to-consumer business, we ensure that their message of near-zero carbon footprint and support for conservation causes resonates with a broader, yet targeted audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition, we provide HOOK360 with dynamic, data-driven insights to navigate the landscape of sustainable outdoor products. This includes in-depth analysis of market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive positioning. Our goal is to keep HOOK360 at the forefront of the industry, not just as a provider of sustainable apparel, but as a leader in environmental stewardship within the outdoor community.