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Special shout out to Rus and Harrison and the team at TRCH Group for all the time they have spent on improving our website and ecommerce experience…. A lot of these are subtle changes that you don’t necessarily see but they are making a huge difference in driving more web traffic and higher conversion rates. It is really paying dividends and we appreciate their efforts.

J. Bednark

Who Is JEM Organics?

JEM Organics is a trailblazer in the world of artisanal nut butters, renowned for their commitment to quality, health, and exquisite flavors. JEM is dedicated to organic, ethically sourced ingredients, combined in small batches and made with unique sprouting and stone-grinding process to ensure the highest quality in every jar. JEM Organics has become a synonym for indulgence in the Nut Butter space, appealing to health enthusiasts and gourmet food lovers.

Where Does TRCH Come In?

We’re not just driving JEM Organics’ digital growth, we’re turbocharging it with some seriously savvy e-commerce marketing strategies. We don’t just attract traffic; we bring in the crowds – both organically and through smart, targeted ads. Our email and SMS campaigns? Nothing short of magnetic, designed to captivate and keep customers coming back for more. And when it comes to UX and UI, we’re all about crafting robust, yet smooth and easy to navigate shopping experiences. All elevated by our in-house graphic design team whipping up eye-popping visuals for web, social media, and ads, ensuring JEM not only stands out but is the center of their industry.

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