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Who Is Max Urban?

Max Urban is the fastest growing architectural millwork company in the state of Florida. They rank in the top 5 largest millwork/metalwork operations in the state and provide a massive manufacturing space for their in-house wood/metal artisans and fabricators. From humble beginnings as a small 4-man woodworking shop, they’ve grown into one of the predominant architectural millwork manufacturers in the United States & Caribbean.

Where Does TRCH Come In?

TRCH has partnered with Max Urban, Florida’s fastest growing architectural millwork company, to elevate their digital presence. Recognizing Max Urban’s status as a top-tier player in millwork and metalwork, TRCH crafted a sleek, modern website that mirrors the company’s excellence in craftsmanship. The website offers a vivid showcase of Max Urban’s expansive manufacturing capabilities and their impressive portfolio in the United States & Caribbean. With an intuitive design, the site highlights Max Urban’s journey from a modest 4-man woodworking shop to a major industry force. This digital transformation not only bolsters Max Urban’s online visibility but also streamlines client interactions, enhancing their business growth and brand prestige in the architectural millwork sector.