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Thank you so much for your ongoing help. Our calls are always productive and TRCh is adding a great amount of value to my company.

G. Garfinkle
Managing Partner

Who Is Michael Harris?

Michael Harris offers a complete line of bespoke, handmade dinnerware and flatware thoughtfully designed for the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Where Does TRCH Come In?

TRCH works closely with Michael Harris to elevate and refine the brand’s digital presence, focusing on custom solutions for the hospitality and restaurant industries. We employ targeted marketing strategies aimed at engaging a sophisticated clientele who value bespoke, high-quality dinnerware and flatware. Our efforts ensure Michael Harris’s exquisite collection connects with the right audience, especially those in the premium hospitality sector.

Additionally, TRCH offers strategic guidance to adeptly navigate the market’s complexities. This includes providing insights on industry trends, customer preferences, and competitive dynamics, positioning Michael Harris at the forefront of luxury tableware for discerning customers in the hospitality industry.