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My company, The South Florida Savings Guy has been provided great support with quality work generated by the help of The Torch Group. They execute our site, marketing and branding needs to the highest degree of professionalism and would recommend them to anyone looking for site, marketing and branding support to make their business run more efficiently and to obtain additional exposure to prospective clients to generate additional revenue.

S. Kadet

Who Is The South Florida Savings Guy?

With a combined audience of over 150k supporters, South Florida Savings Guy is the go-to source for savings on groceries, shopping, dining, and more in South Florida.

Where Does TRCH Come In?

TRCH works with The South Florida Savings Guy, amplifying their reach in the bustling South Florida market. Our mission is to elevate their already robust platform, focusing on maximizing exposure to savings opportunities in areas like groceries, shopping, dining, and more. By employing unique, local-oriented, marketing techniques, we aim to connect their extensive audience of over 150k supporters with the best deals and discounts available.

Our partnership extends beyond tactical marketing. TRCH offers strategic advice tailored to the unique dynamics of the South Florida consumer market. This includes in-depth analyses of local consumer trends, spending habits, and networking opportunities. Our goal is to ensure The South Florida Savings Guy not only maintains but also expands its position as the premier savings resource in South Florida, delivering exceptional value to its followers.