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Marketing Expertise

On the deliberate pursuit of learning, optimizing, and providing strategic marketing insights.

An expert is someone who has a level of mastery, a special skill, or knowledge in a particular field. We’re just that and yes, it’s a bold statement, but we talk the talk and walk the walk.

Marketing & Operations Professionals

TRCH comprises industry leaders and executives with extensive backgrounds and success in marketing, operations, and leadership. We’ve been disciplined throughout our careers to be considered experts in our crafts. Having practiced and committed to memory many winning scenarios. To achieve this, we:

  • practice in valid environments
  • identify and incorporate winning repetitions
  • gather and use timely feedback
  • deliberately practice and push the boundaries of learning
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"Instrumental To Revenue Growth"

I wholeheartedly recommend TRCH as a partner for any organization seeking a clear view of their revenue cycle in their CRM. Their expertise provided unparalleled visibility into our sales pipeline, allowing for data-driven decision making and improved forecasting. TRCH’s framework and recommendation engine further streamlined our sales process, boosting efficiency and team productivity. Their solutions are instrumental to drive an organization’s revenue growth.

L. Saacks, President

A Network of Expertise

To go fast, go it alone. To go far, assemble a winning team.

At TRCH, we believe one brain is good, but a network of brilliant minds is mind-blowing. That’s why we don’t just have employees, we cultivate a brain trust of gurus, wizards, and a few mad scientists. The Avengers of expertise, assembled to tackle any project with laser focus and a touch of brilliance.

Some of our trusted partners, colleagues, and experts relative to our clients’ success:

Video Production
Disruptive PR
Attrive Revenue Operations
Paid Search & Social Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

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