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Executive Support

Empowering organizations with servant leadership & coaching for long-term success.

For SMB, Enterprise, and PE/VC Operating Teams

Having held numerous leadership, C-level, and executive positions, the team at Torch has over 100 combined years of business leadership experience – pummeled, pelted, and humbled by dozens of challenges. We help navigate the waters with empathy, clarity, and a forward-thinking mindset.

Proper leadership coaching and management skills need to be practiced consistently. They are crucial to team execution and future success. There’s nothing more gratifying than loyalty and respect – both given and received – which great leaders are granted.

Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership development and executive leadership team building.
  • Refining skills to mentor a team productively.
  • Establishing proper meeting cadence and efficiencies to avoid burnout.
  • Knowing what metrics to measure and how to deliver them to a team no matter how grim the outlook.
  • Meeting and exceeding managerial expectations – up and down the chain of command.
  • Establishing a culture of mutual respect at every level with admiration for each other and the work done.
  • Creating company-wide communications solutions.

Fractional C-Suite Services

  • Marketing leadership and team management.
  • Resource and talent assessments, organization structure, and team scaling.
  • Assistance with placing a full-time Chief Marketing or Growth Officer.
  • Maximize efficiencies internally with insights on campaigns with the highest pipeline ROI.
  • Identify new demand gen opportunities and channels to explore.
  • Building high-performance marketing plans and overseeing execution.
  • Budget, P&L, and revenue-generating strategy with a tactical overview.

Develop Recurring Revenue & Growth

Marketing consulting for CEOs or fractional Marketing support – TRCH advisors are expert marketing leaders who can manage periods of transition and ramp up contributions from Marketing for sales impact. Self-managing, TRCH can scale a team faster and develop a marketing strategy or go-to-market plan for both the short-term and long-term.

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